My paintings and sculptures move between figuration and abstraction. They make visual diverse aspects of existence and endeavour – both human and animal. Life’s continuous cycle, struggles and triumphs is a central theme underpinning the work. The rich history and landscape of my rural home, high in the North Pennines is another strong influence. My interest in the traces, past and present, that I find in this landscape play into the key subject matter. Paper is my medium for the paintings and often a start point for the sculptures. It’s fragility and robustness is intrinsic to explorations of the subject matter. Approaching the painting process as a sculptor (my initial training), the dual processes of painting directly onto the base and occasionally attaching additional painted elements to this surface, resonate directly with both the qualities of the medium and the subject. And the sculptures often begin with paper explorations before developing later into more enduring media, like resin and concrete.